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Good but a lot of fakes stealing your money. Already lost 500 rubbles to fake lover's request Well done!!

Приложение просто супер. Я пользуюсь им каждый день, не могу нарадоваться. С помощью него я с легкостью нахожу интересных мужчин Приложение просто супер, помогает найти знакомства для взрослых! Всем рекомендую. Perfect

They need to do something about fake spammers really ruining it. Its a good idea if more real people were using it. You shouldnt have to pay for dating. Hasnt worked for me yet Surprisingly

Приложение просто супер. Я пользуюсь им каждый день, не могу нарадоваться. С помощью него я с легкостью нахожу интересных мужчин для секс знакомства. Приложение просто супер, всем рекомендую! Highly Recommend.

What a brilliant idea! With Anonymous Dating, there are no profiles, no registrations, no anything of the sort. What it is is a bulletin board where users put up ads looking for friendship, romance, tourism, and 'adult encounters'. You can search ads based on location, type of 'relationship', gender, etc. You can post your own ads that will then be added to said bulletin board system, and replies will go straight to the E-Mail address you provide (said E-Mail address is masked in the actual ad). What really makes this app unique is that you can receive push notifications when a new profile goes up that meets your search criteria. Well done!!

Cool app I think it's a really cool idea. However, like usual, there are more man as woman and they are, again like usual, very passive Superb!

Как не парадоксально, но такая форма знакомства может перерасти в серьезные отношения: дружбу или семью. Само приложение интересно своим юзабилити. Однако немного напрягает английский интерфейс, хотя через недельку привыкаешь к нему. Очень неплохое приложение анонимные знакомства для поиска попутчика в поездку Must have

Анонимные знакомства, которые в будущем могут перерасти в что-то большее, значительно большее и изменят жизнь! А еще здесь я нахожу попутчиков для поездок) Интерфейс удобный, хоть и на английском. Приложение поможет вам найти много новых знакомств) Perfect

Молодцы что исправили транслит! Еще бы форму поиска наподобие как раньше, интуитивно более приятную! Muito bom!

Нафига вы форсите латиницу и херите этим свои аппсы? Fantastic

Great idea but... Great idea but obviously not enough people use it that speak English. Looks like an app popular amongst the Russian community, in my area. Works great

I've been blocked So I been blocked for a while now I don't know why ? And how do i get unblocked? Marvelous

Good idea but no posts in about a year in Austin, Texas; Americas 11th largest city, kinda sad. Must have

I have just one issue when we reply to a post can the person see our personal email? ?? Marvelous

Totally fake. Go visit PrivateMattersOnlineDating (DOT) INFO for a good one! U can thank me l8r! Mauris ex felis, aliquet vestibulum orci sit amet, bibendum blandit nunc. Vivamus a hendrerit sem. In dapibus mauris massa, a bibendum turpis cursus quis. Maecenas blandit Surprisingly

Useful I found it very useful. Here people are very honest. The app is doing well. I love it

Whats up with the location I try and put in a location to search nothing i try and post an add and it wont let me add my location it keeps saying united states Anchorage im in freaking ga

Just one thing missing They need to add a feature where we can reply to messages from within the app without having to go to your email to do so.

No Locals haven't found any locals. :P I don't see a option for location search either and my ad still hasn't been accepted.

Fix Would really be helpful if the Russian text was fixed term like is it a bug or something???

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