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I really love the game so much. Very atmospheric, the choices makes you part of the world. I love how you have two avatars. I also love the story(though sometimes the characters may be bit annoying but that's all part of it). Can't wait for the updates! Keep it up! Great job

The best game i have played!!! I really in love with this game❤ it's truly heart touching Good

This game is so addictive. I love the character exclude my character lol. It will be nice if i can create my own character look not only in "shadowtime". And the storyline also is the best for me, i love it! Plus, when we try to play next chapter.. we can skip the time by just watch an ads which only maximum time is below 30 sec 5 star

I rarely write reviews but this is one of the best anime dating games . I love how the characters are animated and not just pictures . It takes a long time once you wait for new parts but it's worth it. It's nice how there is often choices.I LISM. <3 Recommend

It's amazing hoever it's .... Would be better if you could type what you want to say Worth a go!

Very impressed, especially by the graphics. Looking forward to the end of the story Fantastic

I super love this otome game.. hope it will not end... make more superb chapters.. up to 100 chapters if possible.. great great job. Pretty good

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! TGIS GAME IS AWSOME! Right now i regret not playing this earlier. It is so amazing!! Amazing!

I love this game I don't really like games like this but I gave this one a try and I'm so glad I did thank toy creator for this amazing app!!!(≧▽≦) Recommend

I love the chapters the battles and of course the Romance of Daisuke and Hiroke pls make another chapter bacuase I played it says coming soon and I will wait if theres a new chapter Marvelous

I really loved the story its truly heart touching I hope u will finished the coming part wit even more thrill, romance n experience I request to the maker of the game to inform us n mainly me... cuz I can't wait to continue Bt till that heads off.... U have created a masterpice Superb!

It's just u have to wait for the complete the. It's better if can skip on our own. Surprisingly

The story wasn't interesting and as played further its taking hours of waiting time Fantastic

Its my first time downloading and playing this kind of game and it really surprised me how good this game is and now iam addicted to it hahaha Enjoy it!

AMAZING, I LOVE IT, ITS Filled with hard choices you have to make that determines your ending, I just LOVE IT Worth it!

I LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game and story line as well. I hope to see more games like this and be able to play them! Marvelous

I love the game! It's fun, intriguing and cute. I love the gameplay and the storyline! It makes my heart races and triggers my curiosity for more each time I finish a chapter and I must wait for the next chapter. The graphics are not bad. I wish the characters' appearances were a tiny bit better drawn but hey, it's still a great work of art! As for the control, it's also great but I wish the dialogues could show up faster: a dialogue switchs to a new one and, with this in mind, the new dialogue fully appears the moment I touch the screen for the second time. I suggest this cuz the dialogues are showing up very slow. I don't mind but sometimes it's annoying cuz I read quite quickly. Anyway, it is not my intention to complain and even if I wanted to I can't cuz I'm not the creator of this amazing game, storyline and drawings. In brief, great story, great characters and great timing to make us yearn for more! Surprisingly

1000000000000000% love it so much its cute and addictive please add more chapters Go well

That was a GREAT game... Actually I didn't expect it to be just as good... Great job

Add Up the chapter more quicker Pls I want you to create more love story game can't wait to download them and pls add chapter ones pls add game like shadow time pls fast am impatient.... It don't want to update pls fix it Fabulous!

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