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This was recommended to me to try. It's okay, but many apps I know to be on my SGS5 were not on the list even after setting the security lower. Going to mess with it a bit more. If still just mediocre it will be deleted. Recommend

This application does exactly what it is designed and suppose to do. Such a shame that those that complain here in the comments are too stupid to read the product description for Advanced Task Killer. It plainly states that for Android 2.2 and above, this version of Advanced Task Killer does not automatically kill front loaded applications and that you have to manually kill those applications on your device. Hey ReChild, please develope Advanced Task Killer to 100% kill front loaded applications! Go well

5 stars, 50 stars, 500 stars!!! App literally resurrected my phone which I was about to trash due multiple restarts and freezes daily sometimes hourly, now runs smoothly with only an occasional lag. Phone had not restarts since installing app and using auto kill at screen off. Just wow

June 2017: After I switched to Galaxy G8, the App no longer works. Unlike many others complaining about it, mine doesn't crush, but it just doesn't have any apps listed when opened. Still waiting for the old 3D icon too. Aug. 2016 Update still doesn't give option to use the original 3D looking icon. The April 30, 2016 Update changed the icon. Can I roll back to the older icon that was 3D looking and cuter? It was one if my favorite app icons, but now it is an unattractive looking one. I don't like the new flat 2D icon. Also, not the fan of the new "Boost" button designation. Surprisingly

Update not better Without the one touch kill this update is a downgrade. Gutted I have had to get another app killer! Yeh ok loaded as a widget it works doh Awesome

I do NOT like the 'new' pop-ups that keep showing up. It makes me want to Uninstall the app altogether. There are more than enough ads EVERYWHERE else. Dare to be different. Flawless

Using since android eclairs. But.... It's an awesome app. Best in the market, But after recent update i can't add a App kill widget On my home screen help!!! Great!

Status update on OS 7.0 please The problem doesn't matter between free or paid? Why/Who would pay for an app that doesn't work for the operating system, it's money out of your pocket not mine/ours Superb!

Great app for the past 5 years I've been using this since my firdt android phone. Great app. Easy to use and i love that you can change the setting to allow click to kill. Perfect!

Faithful User I have using this app since I bought the first Android I ever owned. This app has always worked so well for all of devises. It should be a standard on every Android device! Great!

Lifetime user Since my first Android smartphone I have used this app. It's pretty amazing, a lot better now than 5(6)(7)...years ago. Thank you much for this product. Superb!

I'm going to give this app 4 stars for now as I did mention in a previous version for KitKat that an auto start feature should be Incorporated to enable the app to run after every boot automatically which has been done now.... that's brilliant thanks very much. However the auto kill frequency seems to be a bit far apart the lowest being every 30 minutes, most other app and task killers have an auto kill frequency write down to kill apps every minute if needed which a good idea as a previous app killer I use with marshmallow killed apps every minute and also when the screen has gone off which with the new devices is very useful as a do run a lot of background apps you can even them constantly gives you a better battery life. If this can be Incorporated then this app would be worthy of 5 Stars. Works perfectly

I gave this a five star because me and my family have been using this app for years but all of a sudden with the Android 7.0 update it completely stopped working. Again I have nothing really bad to say about this app but it just stopped working for me . Recommend

When are you guys going to respond to the huge elephant in the room; the fact that your app doesn't work with Android 7.0? I'm on a Galaxy S7. Love the app, been using it since I had the Droid 1 , but I'm actually considering using something else. I don't want to but might have to. I'm guessing you're getting screwed over by some new rules or regulations but please bring it back. I'm a software engineer and I can't imagine why control of the running processes on one's smartphone would be revoked. We should be free to manage a device that we pay for the way we want to run it, especially concerning background processes. If I own a device I want to be able to know everything that's going on inside of it. What are the apps doing and why? A dev should be free to create an app that shows these things and provides tools to manage them. Thanks. love it

AAAA ++++ Works GREAT at getting rid of those constant Apps that endlessly keep restarting. My current anti virus App is supposed to stop them but doesn't. That App starts with an "M." LoL. This App. is so easy to set up and it's really easy to add the Apps you don't want killed to your Ignore List. Recommend

They pop right back up. So, it shuts down the apps, they pop right back up and it shuts them down again and they pop right back up and my battery dies because of this...therefore like, unless you long press every app and force stop it...its kinda pointless because I want the apps closed to save battery life. Cm has an app that will attempt to force stop everything when you ask it to kill apps, I'm not sure what this one does. The good thing is that you can long press the app and it will take you into settings to force stop it so it's basically a glorified short cut. 5 star

After trying other app killers, I ended up reinstalling this one. My battery life and performance are noticeably better with Adv Task Killer running in the background. Brilliant

Worked great all the time until tje newest android update a few days ago. Now it freezes and shuts down and doesnt kill any apps. Already sent feedback. Fix this please!!!! Then it will be back to 5 stars Marvelous

Great Tool compare to other booster with its simplicity. But guys can you update your app so it can support Nougat Android version. Just a little concern and i will rate it 5 stars if you got update your old app. Fabulous!

Quick and easy to use Hsve used for several years and it has never let me down. Definitely helps to safe the battery by killing all fluff in the background thst you didn't know was running Recommend

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