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Fun! I am an ass man and this ap is great! My GF wont let me play with her ass aside from alowing the occasional feel or spanking! Good

I love it. It's the perfect concept for a wallpaper. But I'd like more variety. different races. body types. i mean the white girl booty is great and all, but a Latina with caramel skin and dark curly hair, with a behind twice that size. African girls too. exclude no girl butt. y'all should think about it. Fantastic

If you want your friends to actually pay attention to your new phone this is what you need. Good luck getting your phone back Pretty good

عالیه بهترین چیزی که تا حالا دیدی wow lol

I got this because of the picture instead it's shorts, uninstalled after 20 jiggles, mega wack because I was mislead 5 star

Since the butt is the only feature in the shot, I thought it would get old but it's addicting. Four stars because the butt is all you get. Another star of because it shrinks to screen hight when rotated. love it

Awesome effect . But hypnotic. May cause Daydreaming. Hoping for more options soon. Go well

Since the butt is the feature in the shot, I thought it would get old but it's addicting. Four stars because the butt is all you get. Highly Recommend.

Nice to wake up n see everyday, plus the lil k ggle helps out as well! Ha! Ha! Ha! Pretty good

Your advertisement shows more pictures available to set as wallpaper there is only one plus all it does is shake her ass whenever you swipe your finger... Great job

This app works perfect, the picture is crystal clear it actually makes my mobile work faster for some reason,also it doesn't drain your battery like alot of apps do.I've done thousands of apps wallpapers ect.... in the end I've had to remove them cause of the drainage of the battery. I can promise you this is one that does work perfect 10/10 to the makers. Kind regards Lee, P.s Thankyou for the great affects and a simple app that works perfect not like the majority of other apps well done seriously.thanks Must have

Its like a real girl with her butt cheaks where you can swipe it and it make me feel like I'm a sexy girl but I'm a boy I wish I was sexy Awesome

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