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A Thing of Beauty ! Love this-installed once and had to uninstall as I couldn't make it work. When I looked again today I saw where you mention the widget apps aren't to be installed on the SD card but directly to the phone and hey presto !!! All good-thankyou :) I now put it on my Lenovo tablet and the weather doesn't open to more days or further info so uninstalling

Decent widget, but.... Location DOES NOT work. When updating location, just gives blank space. Have to manually put it in and it doesn't change with ur new location, ever. And I live in south Florida!! Large metro area should have location.

Location is stuck on London again The app looks great and I like the customizability, but the weather is useless as it frequently gets stuck on London UK no matter how many times you reconfigure it in the settings.

Won't switch location I like the design and look of this widget, but the location doesn't change on it own. I have to keep searching zip codes or city names. Why can't it use GPS location?

Useless without ability to set "home" location Unable to set home location for auto update of location. Otherwise this would be a great little app Highly Recommend.

Safety first I love it because when there is a major storm it let's me know it pops up on my message box it makes a noiseni love it you should get this app Flawless

Good Does what it says it does. Just can't figure out if it can do 24hr clock. And you can't redo settings once it's placed. You have to reinstall the widget if you want to change something. Fantastic

Great App Have used this on a few phones now and is always the first app I install. Its excellent. Just installed on a S5 but there appears to be a problem with the Moon Phase calander...the month calander is wrong ....the dates and day are not correct Shows April 23 2015 as Monday not Thursday. Any ideas? Superb!

UPDT: Seems to be working right now I've updated from 1 to 3 stars. I had this app since my S2. has always Been most accurate, but started glitching at the beginning of the year. had to finally uninstall. reinstall about a week ago and so far so good. Ive always liked the display and interface. still wish it had a link to hourly forecast. Must have

Nice weather application. Just wow

The best clock widget I could find indeed. Must have

Nice its very awesome to weather report. Enjoy it!

dont waste time downloading. Dissapointed

A total battery drainer on Sony xperia z1s. Stupid!

Frustrated Rubbish.. every time i try to open it i get a widget lesson. Hit finish and it exits app.!! I too cannot get my location.. this needs fixing asap.. shame.. could be a great app. As is.. Frustrating.. uninstall coming up.. Marvelous

Seattle, not UK Opposite side of the country, having same problem as Florida post below. Enter Seattle zip, it says Seattle is saved and set, but shows UK degrees when using. Go well

Awesome App again! Thanks for the prompt rectification App Team! My location (Singapore) is finally available and the weather display is back! Am impressed with your swift action! Kudos to the team! *thumbs up* 5 star

Stuck on London AGAIN. used to love I used to love this app. It looked great functioned well even though the weather wasn't always 100% accurate it was close enough. Now its just stuck on London. Its been long enough that it should've been fixed by now and hasn't so I guess I'm unistalling its just too annoying to be worth it.

It's broken again! At least ads still work... 5/28/2015-Still not updating on demand. Ads still working fine though! 4/17/2015-Still unable to update on demand. Will randomly update, but not at the interval I have set. Ads still working fine though! 3/17/15-Will not update on demand, just hangs there trying. Cleared cache and data, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc... At least the ads still update properly... 10/1/14-Update seems to have fixed 9/7/14 update's issues! Worth a go!

Lousy! I cannot set my location. It figures... I thought I would like the app. Have to uninstall Fantastic

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