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I like this game so far, though I wish I could hear the ball role. Anyways good graphics, and kind of fun. Pretty good

Better in real life, but fun nonetheless. Works better than most other bowling apps. Perfect

Very real 2 life. It's not like other games where u can throw the ball perfectly and get strikes all the time. It's tough. Cool game. Recommend

It's a wonderful and fun games I love playing bowling but as I am of 12 years my mother did not allow me to play in practical so I play in phone Marvelous

I like this game very much .when I played it first time that time itself I liked it thank you for this game. Enjoy it!

Love this game it's really like actually bowling and feels like your there. Can't be bored playing this game great way to pass time if I'm having to wait somewhere or just to play in general. BEST! Great!

It's so fun to just throw the balls on one player mode. You just throw without any interruptions. There is two player mode where you play normal basicly. Marvelous

It kills time and is really fun. More fun than real bowling cause I never get more than 13 Good

I love this game but Gracie is now the bowling great on my game. She loves beating me on this, she's a real pro at it. Works perfectly

I was ripped off on a few rolls, but what do you expect, it is not the real thing. Highly Recommend.

Looooooooove thiiiiiiiiiis game once you download this game your brain will explode . Well done!!

That game is amazing and 2 good things are you get to choose where you want to play the game and you get to choose the bowling ball colour.1 sad thing is that some balls are beatiful but you cannot choose one of them.because they are deleted in my idea. Perfect!

Considering I'm doing time for an infraction committed upon society this game helps break up the monotony... legit borderline legendary love it


I love the graphics, and the calming effect. This game is worth ur time. Enjoy it!

The game is so good . I am fan of this game . All should download like this games . Thanks for making this game . Pretty good

Very fun and addictive game, especially when your just sitting there with nothing to do and you need to keep your hands busy. Cool

It wont let me put my profile picture on my profile i do love the game its the best 5 stars for me the only game i play Just wow

Love it! Not able to bowl anymore due to an accident, but it feels so real and I enjoy the game as if I was playing at the bowling alley. Thank you for this game! Brilliant

Love to bowl for real and this is perfect game to play to make me feel like I am really bowling at the local bowling alley. Muito bom!

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