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Why has my account suddenly stopped working?every time I try to log in it sends a report that says"unfortunately 2go has stopped" what is going on? Highly Recommend.

برنامه خوبیه ولی چرا همش ریپورت میشم من من نوازنده سازم اونجام اشکانم چرا ریپورت میشم من هنرمندم اخه اگه اینه که مسخره شم نمی خوام باشم بدردم نمی خوره واقعن متسعفم برا سازنده این مجموعه که مسخره کردن خوب بلده Muito bom!

Been sending sms's for topping up of credits but still no breakthrough, plz help Flawless

It's nice Nice updates... 2go just got better. But, if these updates had come in a lot sooner, the likes of whatsapp and hangouts wouldn't have dominated social media... Anyways, nice updates Cool

Thank a lot for update of ignore option.this is truely blessing for girls.nw 5 star for this app Fabulous!

It's is good but I think you are missing one function, which is link sharing... with Facebook, any link I share becomes a clickable link where user are then taken to the link through their native browser... If you guys can add this, then I think 2go is good to go Omg

You people will soon force some of us to leave this platform. You can't force banner advert on us and tell us to go and buy go credits to free ourselves from banner ads. Before now, no one forced us to buy Go credits, so have a rethink Cool

Upgraded to new version and my password didn't work anymore. I tried to reset it but no response. Worst of all, there's no form of online support even after they started charging for everything. The Twitter account is not monitored and as you can tell from the comments here, no one follows up the complaints! You'd expect much better from the biggest mass media company in Africa! Wish there was a way to give a 0 star rating! Fantastic

I liked this app but We need ignore system in chatrooms plz can't see shitt people shitt nude pictures thanks hope you understand Cool

It a cool app but I think 2go should allow us to send pictures, music into the room chat but I hate it when I see profile with nude pics, solve it for 5 star..... Fantastic

Well I think this app is great and all but creators should add a feature which 2go users are able to send multiple pictures simultaneously instead 1 at a time and should make it that I'm able to search particular words in a conversation. Brilliant

I made a complaint about my difficulty in getting my account verified but haven't got a reply from you guys nor got the issue resolved. I love 2go but your response rate is non-existent. Not my first experience though. You guys should wake up please. Great!

It's a good site but your bans are too long.. could you please reduce the number of days you ban someone's account please.. Marvelous

I think there should be a university, polytechnic and college's of all states of Nigeria in this version of 2go as a new room. Please i find it hard to get 2go credits, why? And you are yet to add other University's and polytechnic and college's of other states Flawless

This app is good and I love it so much but I can't change my profile number and I have triad but it's not changing please do something about it so that I can change my number thanks Fantastic

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It's awesome but the users have reduced. 2go need to improve or change the name of the chat or possibly sell the chat to another company. The name 2go makes it childish. But awesome app Must have

I requested for 100 go credot but not yet diliver i requested 2times what wrong? Surprisingly

The app is useless now, you can't buy go credit, you can't verify your account yet your service provider keep charging us for every attempt Worth a go!

I feel that it should just upgrade a little wereby people could share photos in the rooms aswell as voice notes.. 5 star

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