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2048 I have really enjoyed this game. Didn't just stop once I hit 2048. I've tried to double that as well. Cool

Addictive 2048 is a very interesting game and it is so hard to stop playing, after your first and multiple trys of playing the game!!!!! If you don't have this game downloaded yet, you just don't know what you are missing out on!!!!!!! Fabulous!

Good way to kill time when sitting in a waiting room, but getting incredibly high scores can take a deceptively long time. love it

a small puzzle game..i. m loving it as it does. not uses too much battery as other games... Highly Recommend.

Undo after game end The game is a good challenge, and is great for killing time. The only thing that would compel me to give it 5 stars would be the ability to use the undo funcrion after I've 'failed'. Cool

Simple and challenging Great fun, but easy to lose focus when you think you're cruising! Lots of fun! wow lol

Challenging This game is very challenging, so if u rnt a challenging person don't play this game Cool

Good game to kill time. Great game to play while you are waiting for something or nothing to do. It's a great game for killing time. And addictive too. But ads are very irritating. Worth it!

Comfused I just got points for swiping my finger across the screen and anyway it is rubbish Omg

Ruining my life Even tho I've mastered it to the point of getting 4096 multiple times, I'm obsessed with playing it any airfare moment. Master the use of the Undo allowance for great success! Marvelous

Great time passing game I've had the game for a couple years now and I've never known there were ads until I read some of the reviews, and it wasn't until I used the reset button that I found the ads. 10/10 would play more. Good

Gf tricked me She said I'd get a kiss if I got a higher score than her. I did. She didn't. I cried. She left. Good game though! I have a lot of time to play it now... Just wow

Addicting Playing this game can take up entirely too much of my time. It's good for just a few minutes all the way up to a half hour. Well done!!

Simple and clean. The game is simple to play, but difficult to master. The colors make matching easy and relaxing, without being glaring. What I find even more appealing is that the game isn't swarmed with advertisements, like so many others. Works perfectly

Very cool game Keep me actually in free time. It's not addictive but very good entertainment for brain. Go well

Addictive It's a full game just wished I got a bigger celebration when I actually reached 2048. Fabulous!

2048 Loved it so much for all of you and your family and friends and your team to help with the following game on the phone with the entire original message and all its attachments without retaining using the same time I will be a good idea of what we are not an attachment to this email is confidential and privileged material for your help in any manner by a rule of the day before the wedding was great seeing a therapist and then the following file or the information is prohibited if I can get it a bit and there

Video ads are ineffective The game is fine and I realize it's ad supported but let me tell you what I do when a video ad comes on between games; I immediately press the home button and close the app so I never actually see what the ad is for. I do this because I don't want my phone making unexpected sounds so people look at me funny. Static ads, I sit through. It's pretty simple really, if you want me to see the ad, and possibly go for the product, don't use video ads on a mobile game.

It's a really good game I've played this game for 1 or 2 years its fun but then sometimes you get bored of just playing the same game.

Amazing This game really makes me think and its a great time killer. There could b different modes tho and different ways 2 play. I think this game is good either way.

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