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Cool app. I've been wanting to improve my pull-ups, and this app a great way to do that! Perfect!

The app could have been made more interactive and engaging. It should have had many details about the exercise. Continuous motivation is also required. Answers for doubts like why is there a 4 days gap in between is also required. Worth a go!

So far the app looks great! Only recommendation : Would have liked an add on for total beginners instead of doing the first two weeks negative and then going back to the beginning. Awesome

Great place to start if you don't know how or you haven't done a regular workout in some time. I work out from home, and I often forget to. This is a great way to get it a workout done quick and start to get yourself back into training regularly! Well done!!

Great app to get you started or as i use it, on the in between or "off days" of my regular training. I use this in conjunction with the pushups, pullups and squats apps to give me a full body 30-40min workout. Great!

If you could have the function to repeat the day and keep a total of pull ups done it'd be 5 stars. Still a great app. Muito bom!

Bomb, love this keeps me on track, now i could only preform half reps, the app can only do so much of course Negative pull-ups are explained, but I just bought a pull-up assisted band and that was the regression I took, Over all love this keep up with everything, Future ideas a tabata training app Just wow

Builds you up slowly in manageable steps. I found the early weeks a bit easy, a fitness test at the begining could be useful to guage your level and start you at a point appropriate to you. Recommend

I would like the app to have a notification setting, something that would tell me at a glance how many reps I have to do. Also remove the intro after the first time Pretty good

Very helpful if you're looking to build proper technique and form, in addition to strength. Great!

I think the app is good for training, but I wish it would quit asking me to leave a review every time I use it. Not bad

This is app is only useful when you stick to a schedule. If you are starting out then make full use of this app. Take it a few days at at time rotating with other Zen challenge apps to give a break in between. Exercise takes time and effort but it is rewarding in its own way. Awesome

Great app, super easy to follow and really works. Takes care of the training plan for you so you can just focus on busting out the workout. Go well

I'm on week 3 as I am writing this review and I'm liking this app a lot. As someone who USED to be able to do 20+ pull-ups, it's getting me back on track. Easy interface, simple program, well written. Great!

This works in achieving the workout targets. The developer should consider consolidating their fleet of apps into one, versus downloading each one separately. Must have

I was already able to do about 8 pullups in a row but this app was still helpful. Definitely would recommend it. Highly Recommend.

This app and their other apps are great for developing a routine that's easy to stick to Not bad

Great app, been using the Pull ups, sit ups , squats, and pushups. I can't do pull ups and they have some great tutorials on different variations to build up to full on pull ups. Great job

Very easy to use. Should keep me motivated to reach 20 pull ups. A really good app. Omg

Good. Would be cool if the regimens incorporated various grips. Like it though and will continue to use. Enjoy it!

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